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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

AT&T T1 Service Reviews Needed

As we begin to collect reviews for various T1 services, we are asking our readers to contribute any experience you may have with AT&T T1 Service, being AT&T telecom and cable services have been very popular services of choice with our other sites. We will be trying to feature reviews on every T1 high speed service out there eventually, so we will also be reading your comments on your T1 experience with any other company as well, and possibly using them in future reviews. Do you have an AT&T T1 Connection? If you are a current or former AT&T T1 service user, please give us your review of the price, speed, quality of service and any other thoughts in the comments below.

Friday, October 30, 2009

A T1 Connection Costs Less Than You Probably Think

The Following is a guest post by Greg Couzens, the owner of, a site that helps you order a T1 Line.

" A T1 Connection Costs Less than You Think ( Probably)"

by Greg Couzens

Over the last 5 years I have helped many business owners save money on their T1 Lines. They usually find my site by Googling "discount t1" or "t1 price quote." Most visitors are "window shoppers." They are just curious how much a t1 costs. Some are gamers or students just goofing around. Others need quotes for a school project.

While many site visitors are turned off by the "high" price of a T1 connection, serious business people are pleasantly surprised. These people depend on their phone systems and internet connections on a daily basis. Any downtime can result in thousands of dollars in lost sales in opportunities. Spending several hundred dollars per month on a T1 connection is a sound business decision.

So how much does a T1 line cost? It really depends. Your location and specific needs determine what services are available. However, it is not unheard of to find T1 service for around $350-400 per month. That may sound like a steep price to pay, but it really isn't. If your business uses a lot of bandwidth you need uptime and reliability. You aren't going to mess with a low-end DSL solution made for home use.

In fact, finding a good T1 solution for less than $1000 a month was almost heard of not that long ago. If you already have a T1 connection, you might be able to save by entering an agreement with a new carrier. I recommend using an online quote tool or telecom consultant with access to competitive quotes from multiple providers.

Greg Couzens
gregcouzens at

What is T1 and Who Uses T1 Lines?

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